T Cole Forester, CLTC®

Financial Advisor


My Vision

I'm honored to serve as the Trusted Advisor to 100 clients focused on creating massive impact in this World through their business, profession, family, faith, non-profit, education, love, ect.

We create a multi-generational dynamic plan that integrates the values that family/business wants to develop and carry froward.


My Background

After finishing school at Florida State, I embarked on running a business for a direct sales company teaching students how to build a business and learn life skills. I had the privelage to work with over 1000 students in that 3 year period.

I moved from Flordia to Georgia to learn under my Father, Link Forester, and build my practice with Northwestern Mutual.
I love getting to work with him daily with clients and work with his team at On Point Wealth


My Approach

I focus on listening and asking great questions; questions to help uncover and discover what's most important to my client

We utilize strategies and gain collective wisdom to employ the experts to help solve our clients needs

I choose to be fully authentic and real, and to develop deep relationships with those I get to do life with.




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